Euniquely Luv'n Me

As a single woman who is very picky about who I want to have sex with and is currently on a sexual hiatus, I found that no matter how hard I tried to not think about sex I still had urges. So instead of hooking up and swapping spirits with some random man, I decided to pleasure myself. I’ve also been on a self love journey, so making love to myself only seemed right! After realizing that there are other men and women who feel the same as I do, I decided to start a sex toy business! Now, even though I started this business for people to make love to themselves, couples are most welcome to shop with me as well! This is a safe space for open minded people. We are all grown and come from different backgrounds, so we will all have different experiences! THERE IS NO JUDGMENT HERE! Feel free to make love to yourself as well as to whomever you choose, just be safe, have fun and do it in the name of LUV!!

Thanks for supporting us!

I luv y'all!

Miss E